Sleep Therapy Approaches

Sleep medications can be an effective short-term treatment for example, they can provide immediate relief during a period of high stress or grief. Some newer sleeping medications have been approved for long-term use. But they may not be the best long-term insomnia treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia may be a good treatment choice if you have long-term sleep problems. You may want to try it if you're worried about becoming dependent on sleep medications, if medications aren't effective or if they cause bothersome side effects. The motto of the session is to understand the knowledge of the topics like Substrates Novel Sleep Therapeutics in Preclinical Models CPAP or oral appliance therapy, Tailoring sleep medicine for individual patients, Behavioral treatments of insomnia, comparison of APAP and CPAP, new sleep analysis techniques: clinical aspects, Novel sleep therapeutics and preclinical models, occupational sleep medicine, Sleep therapy for depression, Sleep therapy for bad memories, Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, Future of sleep apnea therapy and nordic sleep conference

  • Novel Sleep Therapeutics in Preclinical Models
  • CPAP or oral appliance therapy
  • Tailoring sleep medicine for individual patients
  • Behavioral treatments of insomia
  • Comparison of APAP and CPAP
  • New sleep analysis techniques:clinical aspects
  • Novel sleep therapeutics and preclinical models
  • Occupational sleep medicine
  • Sleep therapy for depression
  • Sleep therapy for bad memories
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

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